Senior DevOps Engineer - SRE

London, England, United Kingdom · Engineering


At Curve, we believe that an SRE is a person attracted by a blurring lines between development and operations with strong fundamentals in both worlds. Not scared by the complexity of code or by the configuration nuances of an operating system.

We’re a small team of 5 but growing quickly! And we intend to do so while keeping the emphasis on the “Engineering” part. We are looking to scale up across the millions of transactions happening globally which requires a sophisticated microservice architecture….and that's just for starters. Providing customer spending insights and battling fraud is going to require world's leading machine learning techniques.


What we need to see from you:

You will be joining an existing small team of expert SRE engineers who are helping scale one of the top and most exciting Fintech startups in London at the moment. You will be coming into an organisation that is about to go global and you will have the power to help shape the future SRE roadmap. What we need to see from you is the following:

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